Welcome to Melbourne-Dermatology

Welcome to Melbourne-Dermatology.We specialise exclusively in an area of medicine that is concerned with the health of the skin,as well as of the diseases of the hair nails and mucous membranes.We at melbourne-dermatology aim to offer the best treatment of skin people all over melbourne.We have state of the art facilities and some of the best dermatology speacialist in Melbourne Victoria.

A dermatologist should be consulted by anyone with unusual symptoms of disease affecting the skin, hair, mucus membranes or even nails or by the recommendation of  GP.

Some particular conditions or concerns need the attention of a specific type of dermatologist such as a cosmetic dermatologist, dermatopathologist or a Mohs surgeon.

  • A cosmetic dermatologist utilises treatments that enhance a persons appearance.
  • A dematopathologist specializes in diagnosing different diseases of the skin.
  • A Mohs surgeon speacializes in removing cancers of the skin.

We at Melbounre-Dermatolgy have offer all these speacialists who are some of the best in the world.

All dermatologists are trained to deal with almost 3000 different diseases ranging from acne to more serious conditions such as skin cancer.They study for an extra four years after acquiring the standard medical degree.Here is a list of the most common diseases seen by dermatologists.

Our practice has been active for over 10 years in the Melbourne CBD.We offer the very best in dermatological services in Melbourne Victoria.

Our practice specializes in total skin care.We have been around for over 10 years to provide Melbourne to with world class dermatological services and have seen and treated almost all there is in regards to the skin.

Our team is expansive and each of our doctors has at least over 7 years experience


Bellow is a video that can help you understand what dermatology is all about.